Our fabric collection has grown with three eco-friendly variants.

When we choose fabrics as well as other materials, we place particularly high demands on durability. Because we do our best to make furniture that you will cherish for many, many years – and which burdens its surroundings as minimally as possible. Among other things, that is what we mean when we say we make ‘responsible quality at the right price’.

For the same reason, we are now expanding our fabric collection with three green options for those who want a more eco-friendly exterior for their furniture. All three have a past as recycled bottles – and two of them come from CO2-neutral Gabriel. 

Design that lasts 
However, it is not only through our fabric range that we try to leave a greener mark on the world. Actually, consideration for the environment has always been an integral part of our design philosophy – even before we became ISO 14001-certified in 2011. 

High standards across the entire range
Regardless of which fabric you choose, you can be sure that it meets the highest EU standards. In other words, it is gentle on both the environment and people. In addition, it meets the requirements for high intensity use in the home and is tested for pilling, colour and lightfastness as well as tear and abrasion resistance.  

You can read much more about this in our care guide.