And already saves the environment 64 tonnes of CO2! 

More and more of our furniture is brought into the world with the help of the sun. A total of 178 green energy sources cover the roof of our largest factory, M-line. Together, they have already delivered 65 MWh and reduced our CO2 emissions by 64 tonnes since they were installed in August 2019.

The solar cells are our latest effort to minimise our negative impact on the environment. We really stepped up our efforts when we became ISO 14001-certified in 2011.

Design that lasts from day 1
Environmental considerations have always been an integral part of our design philosophy. A number of things considered green and good today have long been “common sense” with us, so to speak. High quality and a long service life have always been at the core of our products. Even before we could call ourselves ISO 14001-certified.

That is why we have reversible cushions for most models so that wear is distributed, and that is why we incorporate flexibility into the design wherever we can. This means that if something breaks, you only have to replace the individual part instead of the entire piece of furniture.  

Regardless of which fabric you choose, you can also be sure that it meets the highest EU standards. In other words, it is gentle on both the environment and people. In addition, it meets the requirements for high intensity use in the home and is tested for pilling, colour and lightfastness as well as tear and abrasion resistance.

And our fabric collection includes more and more eco-friendly variants.

Read much more about our values here and find our care guide here!